If you have been around digital marketing for any time, then you know what PLR is. However, if you are new to digital marketing, PLR stands for Private Label Rights.

What is the advantage of PLR? Depending on the license that comes with the product, PLR will let you do almost anything with it. You can change it, or combine it with other PLR products on the same subject to create an extensive product or training course on the subject matter and much more.

When you purchase PLR products, the research is already done. This saves you so much time. You only have to go through it to make sure it is accurate and change it up so you aren’t selling the same product as everyone else who bought that same product.

If you are using PLR in your business, how are you using it? As for myself, I am a writer and I love when I get into a “zone” with my writing. The only problem creative people have is that our minds wander and we tend to get sidetracked. My writing classes in school always taught that we begin by creating an outline. I am not big on doing that. I do have a similar method, but it also still allows me to offer PLR to my products if I choose to.

What I like to do is to take several pieces of PLR and combine them. I go through each one and read the license, I check the chapter titles and sub-headings, then I arrange the topics in the order that I want and I begin to write. I then create original content that is all me. I write on each topic from my own knowledge of the topic.

Doing it this way I don’t have to worry about how long that content has been sitting on my drive before I get to using it. It can be outdated or even poor quality because I don’t use the content.

Now I do understand that not everyone can do this. That is why I want to share with you a page to visit that can help you learn the many different ways to use PLR to either create a profitable online business or scale your existing business to the next level.

A very dear friend of mine has been using and creating PLR for the last 20 years. You may be familiar with her, or you may not. Liz Tomey is known as the “Queen of PLR.” I have purchased many of her products over the years. I have never been disappointed with anything I have received from her.

Liz has done so many workshops about using PLR in your business. She has finally put all of those workshops on one page where you can go through and select the ones that interest you, or you can get all of them.

I do suggest that you go take a look and see what she has done and offers. Just click here and see. 

If you decide you want something, I have a coupon code for you to save you 50%. Enter code 50OFFPPC

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Most importantly, click here.

    2 replies to "Are You Using PLR For Your Content and Product Creation?"

    • Liz Tomey

      Thanks for the mention, David! Really appreciate it and all of your support over the last several years. I am so glad we got to meet in person and spend time together. I hope we can do it again! Love ya, brother!

      • David

        It was one of the highlights of that weekend. Keep doing you.

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