After high school, I joined the military. When I got out, I discovered that the civilian world was an entirely different way of life. I worked at several unskilled jobs for low pay for a few years. I decided that if I was going to make a good life for myself, I needed my own business.

I tried my hand at MLM direct sales and discovered that although the presentation to get you into looks like anyone can do it, it takes a certain type of person to be successful. I wasn’t and still am not that type of person. I continued with menial jobs to get a paycheck and ended up in car dealerships where I worked into being an automotive technician. I did that for 20 years and even though it is a good job and a skilled position, I wasn’t happy.

I left the automotive industry and started working piece work for a contractor in telecommunications. I did enjoy that job but, the work load was hit and miss. You would have good weeks and you would have bad weeks. Since I had a daughter I needed to do something. I attended a seminar about having a store on the internet and using drop shippers to deliver your products to your customers. That sounded like a great deal. I didn’t have to quit my job in order to do this. I signed up quickly. struggling to get visitors to my site I spent a ton of money on PPC or pay per click traffic. The stats on my site showed I got a lot of traffic, but there weren’t any sales. I had bid on keywords to get to the first page on the search engines but, I wasn’t making sales. I decided to find a different drop shipper and change what I was selling in my store. Again, a lot of traffic but, no sales.

I knew that I was on the right track I just lacked some important pieces of the puzzle. I started buying digital products to learn what internet marketing was about and what you needed to do. Through the course of all this, I saw that many of the products came with resell rights and private label rights. The wheels started turning again. I still had my job but I could go into digital marketing and sell eBooks. No need for a drop shipper taking a cut of the sale price, I could keep all of the money. I spent the next year and a half trying to teach myself Photoshop and Dreamweaver to build my site and writing my eBook. After it was all live, I had a new problem. How do I drive traffic? In those days you could stuff your site with keywords to get ranked on the search engines but, I wasn’t even on the 3rd page. That’s when I fell into the spiral of shiny object syndrome. Trying to find the latest and greatest way to succeed online. Everything I bought told me what I needed to do, it just didn’t tell me how to do it. work slowed way down and I could no longer afford to keep my site up online so I pulled the plug.

Fast forward 10 years. I was still in the telecommunications field and suffered a series of heart attacks. After open heart surgery, it was 6 months before I could go back to work. One day I went into the email I had used for business. I don’t know why I did but I did. Then it dawned on me. If I had kept plugging away at it, I would have had money coming in while I was recovering from my surgery. I decided to jump into it again. This time though, I had a different vision of what I wanted to do. I was going to help people that want to make money online to learn how to do it without making all the mistakes I did. I jumped in and got started. 6 months into it, I started making some sales. Not a lot, but enough to show me that I was right, I can do this. If I can, so can you.

To your success, David.

P.S. I you wanted me to suggest the best way to get started the right way, this is it. Attend the training and take notes.