What do I mean by that?

Internet Marketers get into Internet Marketing to make money. Can we all agree on that? Of course, we can. Why else would you spend countless hours at the computer building an email list and creating products to sell? Simply put, it is to create an income.

How much do you charge for the front-end product when you launch a product? Most digital products sell for 10 to 17 dollars. When a customer buys, they are then taken to a “One Time Offer or OTO”. When the customer purchases that, they are then shown a second OTO. The first OTO would likely be priced at 27 dollars and the second at 47 dollars.

If they decline the first OTO they are then shown a “down sell” This is usually the same product as the OTO with some of the features removed at a lower price. Whether they buy it or not, they then see the second OTO and if they decline, they see another down sell. This is how a sales funnel works.

Now, when you launch a product, if you want it to do well, you need affiliates to promote it. Most sales are made by the traffic sent by affiliates. You pay the affiliates probably 50% commission and a percentage is charged by the affiliate platform that you launch your product on. What is left is what you receive. You will also need to calculate expenses for the copywriter if you hired one and the person who designed all of the graphics for your product and pages.

You might do around 100 to 200 sales of the front-end product and a percentage of those customers will purchase one or more of the other products. That sounds like a nice product launch, doesn’t it? Would you consider that to be a successful launch?

Now, what if you gave the affiliates 100% commission? No, I am not crazy. I am dead serious. I know what is going through your mind, but read on and you will understand. Right now you are thinking that you started Internet Marketing to make money not lose it. I understand that completely. Doing this will cost you money every time you launch a product. You are asking why would you do that.

Here is the answer. A buyers list. When you set up your product on the affiliate platform, you can set it so that everyone that buys the front-end product is automatically added to your autoresponder. Who do you think is going to be most likely to follow your recommendations to buy products that you promote for others? Your list of leads that are on your list because they signed up for a free offer or, a list of customers that have already given you money in exchange for a high-quality product?

When you give affiliates all of the money, they will promote harder for you. You will also get more affiliates promoting. You will sell more products and get more customers on your buyers list that you can then promote other products to. Your affiliates build your list for you. I hope this article helps you take your business to the next level.

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