If you have been around internet marketing for any length of time, you are familiar with what a leader board is. It is the list of affiliates that have sent the most sales to a product launch. You even begin to recognize the names of the marketers because they are always on the leader board it seems. How do they do it?

Most people would say that the reason these big marketers keep hitting the leader boards is because they have such a big list. They have been building their list for years and that is why. These people are right, big, responsive lists will put you on the leader board if you have gained your subscriber’s trust.

Now let’s look at what these marketers all have in common besides having big lists and crushing it on the leader boards. The fact is, they are all vendors. Yes, you read that right. No, I’m not making it up. They have their own products that they have launched. The customers get added to a list of buyers in their auto-responder.

However, you don’t want to be a vendor. You want to be an affiliate marketer because then you don’t have to create any products. Is that a fact? Is it true that affiliate marketers don’t have to create products? Have you looked at the subject lines for the emails you receive from affiliate marketers? “New Evergreen Product XYZ + My exclusive Bonus”. Does that look familiar? So now tell me, do affiliate marketers have to create products? If they want to promote product launches they do. You see, many customers bonus shop. The product looks good and they are considering buying it but, they want to see who has the best bonus. Many people buy a product just for the bonus.

So, either way, you need to create products. It doesn’t matter if you are the vendor or the affiliate, you will be creating products if you want to make a significant income and build an internet marketing business. Now, let’s look at some differences.

Affiliate: builds an email list. Searches for a product that matches the interest of that list, and applies for an affiliate link. Then writes emails to send to his list to drive traffic to the offer. I almost forgot, creates products that are congruent to the offer to use for a bonus.

Vendor: Creates product or products. Hires a graphic artist for the graphics. Hires a copywriter for the sales copy. Recruits affiliates to promote the launch. The affiliates then drive the traffic to the vendors product.

Think about that. As an affiliate, you collect the commission for the traffic you personally send. The vendor on the other hand, collects money from the traffic sent by many people. What if the vendor has 20 affiliates promoting? Or 30, 40 or more? Which would you rather be? The affiliate or the vendor?

“But it is so hard to create products people would want to buy.” Is it really? Let me introduce you to this concept of Private Label Rights, PLR. All the research is done. All of the information is in one file. What do you have to do? rewrite it into your own voice. Change the graphics and title and voila. You have a product to sell. You just need to make sure that you are using quality PLR. No, quality PLR doesn’t have to be super expensive. I will share with you a place that contains 50 pieces of quality PLR. Just click here.

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