Obviously the first response is that unsubscribes stay on your list they just don’t receive emails. They add to the number of subscribers that, depending on your auto-responder, will increase your monthly cost.

It goes deeper than that though. I had recently noticed that I was getting a massive increase in subscribers to a list I wasn’t even promoting.

How could that be?

I looked and, first of all, I ask for a first name yet, there weren’t any first names on these subscribers. Looking at the email addresses, many looked suspicious as in, sites that a marketer doesn’t want associated with his business.

I contacted my auto-responder to discuss the situation and they informed me that many of them originated from Latvia. They confirmed my suspicions that I was getting spam bots on my list.

How do you prevent bots from getting on your list?

From what I was told there are two options. I am not really a fan of either one to be honest. The first option is to connect your form to a captcha. The second, double opt-in. I go with single opt-in to reduce the hoops that my subscribers have to jump through to receive my emails.

I am currently running promotions for my revised lead magnet as I have shifted to offering PLR. After it has gone for enough time to have some data, I may consider the double opt-in to see if there is a difference in the number of sign ups.

You will need to decide which way to go is best for you but, I do urge you to make it a habit, at least once a week, to check your subscribers and delete the unsubs and suspicious looking emails.

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    4 replies to "Why Should You Clean Your Lists Regularly?"

    • Fred Raley

      Good article here David. One of the best things about cleaning your list is your open and click RATES will go up. Your a/r and webhost both will be glad to see that and that will help you stay out of the spam folder too!

    • Ethan Hale

      Good info here, David. It is important to build a list. It is also important to keep your list clean.

      • David

        I cleared another bot last night and have an email of another one to do this morning.

    • Doug

      Thx for the insight. Those bots are a scourge …

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