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Why should I worry about blogging? I have other things that I need to focus on and spend my time doing.

1) I need to build an email list so I can make sales to people.

2) I need to look for products to promote to my list as an affiliate.

3) I need to develop my audience on social media.

4) I need to establish myself as an authority in my niche so people will believe me and buy what I tell them to. Blogging takes time away from all of that.

Does it really? Let’s think about this. First of all, would you build a house without laying a solid foundation? Of course not, if you did that, your house would just crumble and fall. The same can be said about building a business. If you want to build a real business, one that will last and provide income for years down the road, you need to first lay a solid foundation. Blogging does just that. It is one of the most basic fundamentals of a foundation for a sustainable internet business.

When you set up a blog and utilize it properly, it is the central hub of everything else you do online.

First, it establishes you as an authority in your niche. With regular posting to your blog, as long as you stay focused on your niche, you begin to share good solid content about your niche. People that have an interest in your niche will take notice of this and begin to pay attention to what you say as long as the content you share is accurate and of a high quality. The more you post to your blog, the more the search engines will visit your site which can help with ranking in the search engines. Let’s face it, most people doing a search for a topic aren’t going to go any further than the first couple of pages of search results. Very few will go to the 3rd or 4th page.

When you are blogging you can share your blog posts to social media with a link to your blog. This allows those that have an interest in your niche to visit your Blog and read the full post. This then begins to build your audience. You can add a WordPress plugin that displays social media icons on your blog. Tell your readers that if they found your post useful, share it to social media. Any of their friends and followers that are interested in your niche will follow the link back to your blog so that they too, can read your post. They will also see the call to share if they find it useful. Now we begin to see an increase in traffic to your blog without spending a dime on ads. Completely free traffic, and we all know that especially when starting out, free is a good thing.

What is the best way to build your email list? That’s easy to answer, the best way is to get traffic to your opt in form. You can connect your blog to your auto responder. I have already explained how you can get traffic to your blog for free. With an opt in form on your blog you are also sending traffic to your form to build an email list.

I have answered three of the objections to blogging but, you aren’t making any money yet are you? Consider this, with every blog post you write that you share on social media to get traffic, promote a product that is related to your post. Put your affiliate link directly in the blog post. Now you are establishing yourself as an authority in your niche, you are assembling your audience, building a list and promoting products as an affiliate even before your list gets built, all from the simple task of blogging.

We all know that it takes time and work and yes it does take money as well to build a real business. If you were to focus on each of the tasks that I have addressed in this post, how much time would you spend on each one? How much time do you think it would take you to blog? How long to write one blog post? How much time to post a link to social media?

As you can see, blogging can actually free up time by accomplishing many tasks in less time. There is one more benefit to blogging that I haven’t addressed. If your online business is focused on digital, downloadable products, after you have been blogging for a while, you can compile some of your blog posts together and you have an eBook ready for launching. Granted that you are building a list of leads with your opt in form, but, when you launch your own product you build a list of buyers. The best part is that by launching your own product you then have affiliates sending traffic you your offer building your buyer’s list instead of the other way around. Think about it, for the time invested in blogging, the benefits far outweigh the time spent.

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