What would you say is the most important thing for internet Marketing?

I know that many will say email marketing, building a list, loyal followers and customers, creating and promoting quality products, providing value to grow your following and build your tribe, taking action on what you learn, consistency, finding a good coaching program or mentor, and traffic.

These are all excellent answers but, they are wrong. The one most important thing for internet marketing is web hosting. I saw a post in a Facebook group I belong to that asked what was the cheapest hosting deal on a certain platform. People do not cut corners on web hosting. Another comment on the post was a list of companies and “they’re lifetime deals too.”

OMG! I fell for a lifetime deal when I came back to IM. I have had more problems with my site being down more than it was up the past year and a half it isn’t funny. The last time it was down I couldn’t even access the hosting account to set up a support ticket.

Let me ask this, how much do you think the average person trying to make money online spends on the latest and greatest shiny object that comes along promising to turn your computer into an instant ATM in a year? I would be willing to bet that if you stopped and controlled “shiny object syndrome” you could pay for quality hosting and still spend less in a year than currently doing. Believe me, I know that shiny object syndrome is real. I would buy everything that came into my inbox. I have multiple external hard drives with products on them. Many of those products are junk.

There is no magic button. There isn’t a slot on your computer to withdraw your cash. Internet marketing is a business and like any business it will require investment. Investment of money for the tools you will need, much like your auto technician needs to buy the necessary tools to work on your car, investment of time, and investment of work. I separated time and work into two different investments because you need to invest time into learning. Nobody slaps up a website and instantly makes money.

The most important thing for internet marketing is for your site to be accessible to the traffic you send to it. Bite the bullet and pay for a quality web host. A business requires investment. Lately it seems people spend more for their hobbies than they are willing to invest in their business. Remember, if you will not invest in your business, if you only work at it when you feel like it once in a while, it is not a business it is merely another hobby.

While it may look like a good deal initially, think about down the road when hosting expenses increase but your clients do not have to send in payments because they have a lifetime deal. I learned the hard way. I hope to help even one person learn from my mistake and avoid a major headache when they can’t log in to their site.

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