What is the biggest issue you face with blogging? Some people just take to it right away, especially personal blogs. They just write about what they are doing and it just flows out of them. Every day they put up another post about what they did the day before.

Personal blogs get a lot of traffic. Why do you think that is? It is because they get a lot of content posted. It seems that there is another post everyday. The more content posted, the more frequently it’s posted, the more the web crawlers will come to your blog. This helps with the search engine rankings as long as it is cohesive.

My blog, however, is for business. It is a personal journey but, a journey of starting at ground zero and building a business. An internet marketing business for digital products to be precise. When doing that, it is important to post frequently. At least, in the beginning, the more you post, the more the web crawlers from the search engines visit. This is important when it comes to building your audience. It is important for two reasons. First, improving your blogs rank in the search engines helps draw more attention from visitors. Second, you should be sharing every blog post with social media to draw your audience from there. It also will aide in growing your audience as people see you being consistent. They see you doing and taking action. That gets attention and raises curiosity. Why? Because people then want to know what you are doing. They want to know if you are creating success. You see, subconsciously, people are naturally drawn to successful people. They want to be around successful people. I have seen this to be true my whole life.

So let’s get back to the question. What is the biggest issue you face with blogging? For many it is the technical side of getting it set up correctly and learning how to use a page builder. I myself, am on WordPress and using Optimize Press 3 for this blog. I have always used Optimize Press but, like so many, I was hesitant when they released OP3 because of the learning curve. That is what prompted me to do a series of videos on YouTube showing how to use OP3. As my business grows, I will use more of the features and will post more videos showing how to do it. You can go to my YouTube channel to see the training videos here.

For me however, the issue is knowing what to write. You see, my target audience, and you should always write for your target audience, is the individual that doesn’t want to work two jobs so they can take that vacation or send their kid to college. They need a way to make money without giving up every waking minute of every day. I worked two jobs once and only had a full day off maybe once every other month. I missed a lot of time with my family that way. Now we have the internet and internet marketing which makes it easier to make extra money without giving up all of your time. More and more people are looking into how to make money online and there are a lot of ways to do it. I will address those in another post.

For now though, the issue I have isn’t from an inability to write. I have been a writer ever since I can remember. I was always writing and taking creative writing classes and journalism in school. I have written poems, short stories, and song lyrics. So knowing how to write isn’t the issue. The issue, as most creative people can attest to, is our minds. You see, everyone will say that their mind goes a mile a minute and races all over the place and it is true for most. Now, take a creative person’s mind, even as I was writing this post as the paragraph above demonstrates, as I typed out a statement, my mind immediately went off on a tangent of it’s own thinking of and trying to write another blog post. I actually noticed it today while I was writing a comment on someone else’s blog. The issue then becomes focus. Focus on what you are currently writing and staying on topic.

It can be difficult but, with practice it is achievable. Just dedicate yourself to doing it. Those that are not writers will not totally understand this next issue but I can promise you that the more you write, you will eventually run into it. What is it? The writer’s nightmare called “writer’s block.” You may have heard of it and yes, it is a real thing. I can’t count the number of times I have sat down to write and…….nothing. I know what I want to write but stare at a blank screen because I can’t picture the start. There are two ways to combat this and I used both of them today. The first thing I did was get up from my desk and go outside. Get away from it to clear your head. The second, write the subject line for the blog post first. You will notice that today’s subject line is in the form of a question. This accomplishes two things. The question is asked of you, the reader. This gets you to thinking of the answer and piques an interest to read the post. The second is that now that I asked a question, I have to provide an answer so the subject line frames the beginning of the post. From that point, as long as I can stay focused on this post and not the next one or the one after that, the writing comes easy.

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If you liked the training videos and are interested in Optimize Press 3, you can check it out here.

    2 replies to "What Is The Biggest Issue You Run Into With Blogging?"

    • Gordon Jablonski

      Hey David,

      Enjoyed the read. I think my biggest issue is trying to come up with something to write that is different from what I am reading. What I mean is, if we write a blog post on affiliate marketing, for example, we are all writing the same thing. Attractive Originality is essential as far as I can see, and then writer’s block just appears from nowhere.

      Keep up the good work!

      • David

        Gordon, while it could appear that we are all writing the same thing, in actuality, it is only the subject matter that is the same. You see, we all have our own voice. We explain things differently and use different words.

        As for the writer’s block, use my post as an example. Write the headline first and frame it as a question. Then you simply answer the question with your post. If you still have issues with writer’s block, try using PLR for your niche for your blog posts. Take one chapter or even part of a chapter out of an eBook and rewrite it in your own words or voice. By using PLR in this fashion, it gives you an outline for your post to follow. I hope this helps.

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