Two separate questions that are interconnected.

To answer why you need balance in your life, you must first understand what balance is. Obviously there is the balance of being able to walk a balance beam like in gymnastics, but, since this blog is about internet marketing, that is where the focus will lie.

Balance in internet marketing is quite simply, balancing the tasks to run the business.

What I mean is, if you are a solopreneur, then you need to look at all aspects of growing your business and weighing the importance of each task. Emails, networking, product creation, learning, etc.

Schedule time for each task so that you get each one done. Too many times we tend to get wrapped up in one thing and don’t stop until it is time to eat or go to bed. We have then neglected the other aspects and things fall through the cracks. This is an excellent way to stifle business growth.

Obviously, there are tools we need to run our businesses. We need to learn how to use these tools in order to utilize them to the fullest. However, if we spend all of our time learning then we just fill our heads with information and knowledge that isn’t doing anything to further grow our business or help others. Always remember that the main goal of your business should be to help others. You may wonder why that is and the answer is quite simple. The more you help others, the more loyal they will be to you. Not only that, but, the more likely they are to recommend you to their friends. The end result of this is that your business grows.

What about the foundation? Do you have a blog? Blogging is an important part of an internet marketing business foundation. It serves as a central hub that you can then use to direct your leads and followers to anywhere you choose. When was the last time you wrote a blog post? As you can see, it has been too long since I have posted to this blog and that all ties in with the answer to the question I have posed about balance.

Internet marketing is about marketing offers for sale, either your own or as an affiliate. Therefore, we need to spend time in product creation. Even if your entire business model is affiliate marketing, you need to create products. Where else do you get bonuses to add to the products you are promoting? Yes, you can get downloads of products that offer give away rights that you can use as bonuses. These PDFs, for the most part, are dated and filled with affiliate links for the one that wrote the PDF in the first place. Do you know the creator? Do you know that they only promote quality? More importantly, do you know if the links take you to an offer that is even still available?

Nothing could be worse than to have a customer download your bonus and find it to be garbage filled with broken links. At a minimum, you should at least purchase PLR aimed at your niche and rewrite it to make is yours. Then you have a bonus that is not only current, but the links are for products available still that pay you commissions instead of someone else.

Then we have content creation. By that I mean not just blog posts but social media posts as well. After all, social media is where we get most of our leads. Don’t forget video, yes a video review is a powerful thing for affiliate marketers to promote a product. They are also a big help in promoting your own products.

After all of that, we then come to personal life. This is where the importance of balance really comes into play.

Are you married or do you have a significant other? Do they work the business with you or, are they in the front room wondering when you will pry yourself away from the computer?

Do not neglect family or loved ones. If you ask those involved with internet marketing why they chose to get into it, most will tell you to have more time with family and to provide a better life for their loved ones. While it is true that you have to make sacrifices to achieve anything in life, neglecting to balance the time for business with the people in your life can cause sacrifices that are more costly than the business is worth.

I will use myself as an example to illustrate, not to gain sympathy, but to educate.

I was full bore head first driving myself to achieve. I saw some massive improvements and some minor successes. I also saw failures which is awesome since, it is through our failures that we get closer to our successes. Many would say that was true dedication and devotion. The question then comes to mind of dedication and devotion to what? I can’t count the number of times that I worked so long that I was not being productive or even making sense with my content. Not to mention even being able to think straight. I don’t know how many times I woke up in the morning to find that I had fallen asleep at the computer again.

My “dedication and commitment” caused neglect of personal business and life. That can only go on for so long before everything comes crashing down around you. Personal life then has massive issues that not only need but demand immediate attention to sort out. As a result of my “dedication” to my business, I have had to move and am now living alone again. Why? Is it because I am a bad person and didn’t care about anyone else? NO, it is because I lacked BALANCE. Even my business has suffered greatly because of it. When I did sit down and try to work, I couldn’t focus on work because I was still dealing with the issues that needed attention in the personal life.

Internet marketing is a great business and can create many opportunities. You just need to learn to schedule your time. Create a schedule and stick to it. Do not neglect any aspect of your business or more importantly, your personal life. Instill balance in your life and make it all work together. Your loved ones will be more supportive of your business if it doesn’t cut them out of your life. When your loved ones support your business, you will have better motivation to create a lasting one and see better results.

The key to everything in life is, balance.

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    8 replies to "What Is Balance, And Why Is It Important?"

    • Fred Raley

      Excellent points David. Too many folks get overwhelmed in learning online business tactics and quit before they see success. Mainly because they have not balanced their work with other parts of their lives!

      Well done!

    • Graham Lee

      Always an enlightening experience to read your posts David. Glad to have you back in the saddle.

      • David

        It felt good to write again. Thank you for your kind words.

    • Ed

      Excellent advice. It is so easy to get caught up in the work and forget why you are doing the work. In my opinion, wife/husband and children should be the most important part of a person’s life. While that includes providing adequate support for them, providing that support should not cut them out of your life.

    • Buddy T

      A writer writes. Good stuff, bro.

    • Liz Tomey

      This is the thing that gets us all. Balance. Even after 20 years in the biz it’s still a struggle. It’s something you have to work on ALL the time. Great post, David!

      • David

        I think that sometimes we have to learn things the hard way.

    • Doug

      Athletes are reminded never to get too high or too low. It’s all about the long haul. Sage advice offered herein. Thx David.

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