When Starting out, you will need to build your brand and assemble your target audience YouTube is another useful way to do that. Now, you may be wondering how you can do this. YouTube is another social network. Many don’t realize it but, it is. Just as you would use Facebook to accomplish this, you can also use YouTube.

How can videos build your audience? Search on YouTube for any subject. You will see many videos come up. YouTube is more than just a place to watch music videos. Log on to YouTube with your Google account ID. If you don’t have one create one it is free. After you log in, you can create a channel. Then start creating videos covering your particular niche. For example, I am working in the internet marketing/make money online niche. I have been doing a series of videos using screen capture software to create videos on how to use Optimize Press 3. One example of the software is Camtasia, however, many may not be able to afford that at this time as it is pricey. However, Camtasia is the premier software for screen capture videos and video editing. Another option, and I have this one as well, is Screencast-O-Matic. There are two options with this one. There is a free account, which does have limitations, or you can go pro for I believe it is $37.00 USD for a 3 year license. I got the pro as there are no limitations to the length of your video and you have full functionality of the video editor.

Just as it is recommended to share all of your blog posts on Facebook to generate free traffic, you should do the same with your YouTube videos. However, say something about your video don’t just post a link. In your comment have a call to action. For every video I post I tell Facebook to watch, like, and subscribe to my channel. Why is that important? Because everyone that subscribes to your channel will then get an email every time you post a new video. The more subscribers, the more views and the better you will rank when someone searches for the topic you are covering. Not only on YouTube but in Google as well. Google owns YouTube so if you do a Google search for a subject and there are YouTube videos using the right Key words and tags, they will show in the Google search results.

Now don’t get me wrong, I am not an expert on YouTube, I have just recently started building my channel myself and there is still much to learn. I do know that video is very crucial to building your business. Every successful marketer I know uses one form or another of video in their business. The main thing is to start creating the videos and get them posted. As you learn, you can go back and edit your descriptions and add keywords. You can go back and add end screens so your videos will link together and your next video will then be the next to play when the first one ends. Take it one step at a time. Don’t let yourself get overwhelmed and take action. Just get started and go from there. If you make a mistake, delete it and start over.

As I learn more I will do videos on how to utilize YouTube using the same style of videos that I am currently doing. Go take a look at my channel here, YouTube. Just like my blog, it is a work in progress and will continue to change and grow. Just be faithful and consistent and you will see growth.

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    2 replies to "Using YouTube To Grow Your Audience And Build Your Brand"

    • Helen

      Very helpful post for anyone wanting to get started with youTube.

      • David

        Thank you Helen, I have been trying to keep the videos easy to follow and show all necessary steps to perform each task. I have a desire to help those that might feel overwhelmed by internet marketing and I want to make sure that they can get started easily.

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