“Into each life, some rain must fall.”

That is an old quote, I don’t remember who said it. I have been blessed, and making good progress. I have been very proud of the things I have accomplished so far. I even started doing techy stuff. I installed a support desk on my hosting, the next day I set it up, or did I?

Always, always, always, TEST EVERYTHING. I was going about my day and thinking of the tasks I needed to do, like warming up my list for something big that’s coming, and I thought, ”I didn’t test my support desk.” No big deal, open the page and open a test ticket. Done. Checked my domain email, Yup, there is an email saying I have a new support ticket to take care of. Check my Gmail, no email saying my ticket was received. I looked in the SPAM folder, nope. My system never sent out the email.

It was suggested to me that maybe I didn’t set up the email accounts in my cPanel correctly. Logged in to cPanel and sure enough, I didn’t even create the needed accounts. Done set up another test ticket. Nope, not done yet. I logged into my admin panel for the support desk and found that I didn’t spell the user correctly for the email address. That is an easy fix. Now for another test ticket. NADA. It still isn’t working.

The tech guy helping me and walking me through this told me where I need to configure the email and email fetching. What is fetching? I go there and there is supposed to be a box that opens that gives you a place to enter the credentials after you fill in all the information and click on configure. That box never opened up for me.

Throughout the course of all of this, I ended up losing access to my pages. Not some things, all of it. I couldn’t log in to the help desk panel, my domain emails, my cPanel, I couldn’t even log in to the dash board for my blog.

Thank God for Liquid Web. 24/7 phone access. On the phone with support and he is looking at everything and guiding me when, the power went out. It was out for hours. I told the agent that I just lost power so he sent me an email of what he had done and when I finally got power and internet I was able to access everything again. It was too late to continue, but I have access.

So what should you get out of this post? Am I just whining and complaining?

Not at all. I am using my experience to illustrate a point that all internet marketers need to know.

I don’t care what your business model is, PLR, RR, e-commerce, if you are an internet marketer, you need to know how things work. What do you do if you launch at 9 am and something breaks at 9:15? Most would say, “I’ll call my tech guy.” But what if he is on the other side of the world? It is the middle of the night for him and he is in bed. You have two choices, try to get it to work, or lose out on the sales from the traffic affiliates are sending you.

I have always respected tech people. I know a little, but I am a writer and not a tech guy. This experience has given me a deeper respect for them.

The other thing to get from this post is, no matter what obstacles arise, KEEP PUSHING THROUGH. There will always be obstacles, don’t let them make you quit.

If this post helps just one person, then I will be thrilled.

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    2 replies to "Never Give Up"

    • Tony Simms

      Oh boy. I know EXACTLY how that feels. I am setting up a new platform for my new blog, so hosting the bçog, providing the membership area, sending emails, etc…… and there is a lot to set up…..For the last few days I have been setting up a double opt-in email subscriber funnel, You know the kind of thing, » lead magnet offer » collect email » send confirmation request » Confirm » add to list » deliver email.

      And it all works!!!

      Except that it sends a link to a non-existent webpage right in the middle…. it all works regardless. just this stupid non-page link …. I have no idea where that link is being generated….. and guess what I will be doing tonight? Trying to track down the culprit…….. and I know in my heart of hearts that in about four hours in I am going to say …. Stuff this for a game of Soldiers”, trash the funnel and start from scratch!!!

      • David

        If you aren’t a techy person, and I am not, then it can be frustrating. I tried again today to configure the thing, nope. I am not going to spend another 8 hours trying I have too much to do. Maybe I will just delete it and re-install. I don’t know yet. I will spend today doing other things.

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