Sunday morning and I overslept again, I didn’t get up until 630. It is now 730 and I am back to working.
I like to go through the emails and social media first in the morning because it is the time I am waking up and bringing my brain from slumber to being alert so I can focus on what I want to focus on.
Do you pay for the tools you use in your marketing efforts, or do you search for free versions?
As I was going through my emails, I saw an offer I could not pass up. I scored PLR (for those unfamiliar with the term, PLR = Private Label Rights and usually gives the purchaser the right to edit rewrite change etc.) to 8 products, then the upsell was Master PLR so I could sell the PLR to those products.
Before I finished my first cup of coffee, I spent a couple hundred dollars on my business.
Because, two reasons, if you fail to invest in your business, you will never succeed; also, as long as it is from a trusted vendor, PLR is always a good investment.
Now for the reason for what I mentioned above.
Lately, I have been seeing so much going on with complaints and recommendations etc. I have seen people recommending free page builders that make sales pages that look like crap, free eCover generators that are either damned near impossible to figure out how to use or just lack the quality look when your cover is done.
I can understand when first starting out that maybe you can’t buy everything you need or outsource, however, as I mentioned on social media, Optimize Press is only $97.00 a year.
I use eCover Authority for my eCovers, I just went to the sales page to verify the price and it says that right now there is a 50% discount. You can get one year for $37.00 or you can do a one time payment for only $47.00. When I got it, I went for the one time payment as, I was trying to keep rebills to a minimum. It is easy to use and produces quality covers. Screen recorders? Yes everyone knows about Camtasia, I have it. Want to know what My videos on my YouTube channel were created with? , Screencast-O-matic, they have a free version, it limits the length for your video and includes a watermark on it. However, I don’t have watermarks on my videos. Why do you think? It is because I spend a massive $37.00 every 3 years for the license to have the paid version.
Just because you are on a shoestring budget, doesn’t mean there aren’t affordable alternatives to the free products that produces substandard outcomes.
I am an affiliate for OptimizePress and eCover Authority and have included my links in this post. I do not have an affiliate link for Screencats-O-Matic but, I have linked to their site.
I know that this is a much shorter post than normal but, I just felt that I needed to get directly to the heart of the matter here.
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    3 replies to "Invest In Yourself And Your Business"

    • tony

      So very true….though not every paid product is good and not every free product is bad. But you do need to invest in the tools of the trade….can you imagine a hairdresser cutting hair with scissors from the dollar store? On the camtasia note… that’s all I use for my video editing….. but I was lucky enough to have been selected as a beta tester….so I got mine for free!

      • David

        I managed to get Camtasia for $20.00 one time through a special, but, by the time I did I had been using Screencast-O-Matic for so long it just had become my go to for over the shoulder videos.

    • Helen

      Very true David, you have to be willing to invest in the tools that will truly help your business, it’s money well spent obviously! đŸ˜‰

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