This is a very good question and one I have not seen addressed.

I never thought about it myself until this week. A highly successful marketer I respect very much said that before launching a product, you should have a real help desk. Now, don’t get me wrong, I can and do build my own computers, but I am not even close to being a tech guy. So what did I do? I asked a tech guy and he told me wich one to install. He said it is the only one he has used and set up was pretty simple.Good enough, I went to work. I got it installed and felt pretty good about myself. I tested it the next day.

Uh oh. I set up a test ticket but, I never received an email saying that my ticket was received. Back to checking things out and asking my friend I discovered I never created the necessary email accounts for the system.I had another failed test so it had to be a problem with the configuration. Through it all it never gave me the fields to enter the needed credentials that would make it work. This was mind numbing and I started to think I was just going to have to resort to outsourcing this task. However, I am pretty stubborn. I am a pretty smart guy and I don’t give up easy. I decided to start looking for a different help desk to use. I mentioned one to my friend and he found a guide for it that he share with me. He looked through it and said it looked easier than the other one to do.

I installed that one and still had to ask a few questions, but I got it done today.

Why would I spend all that time? You really should know how things work, even if you aren’t a techy. If you are in the middle of a launch and something breaks, you need to get it fixed fast or lose a lot of sales.

Don’t be afraid to try to do things. When an obstacle comes up, stop and take a breath. Clear your head and push through. You CAN do this.

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