It’s true, I woke up this morning and when I opened my email, I saw that I had made money overnight.

Today, I am going to share 4 steps to making commissions as an affiliate marketer in your sleep. I will tell you the truth. Don’t let it scare you, if I can do it, you can too.

Step number 1: There are no instant riches.

It’s true, affiliate marketing is a business just like any other internet marketing business model. Just like any other business, there are steps to be taken to get everything working correctly to bring in the sales. Every business to be successful and stand the test of time needs a proper foundation. There are certain steps to be taken when building your foundation.

The first step is to select a niche to operate in. It would be wise to select a niche that you are either knowledgeable in or that you are passionate about. Simply because, it will take time to complete the second step so, you will be involved in providing information for free for some time.

What exactly is the second step?

The second step simply put, is to assemble an audience. Create a following of people that are interested in the niche you have selected. The way to do that is to turn to social media. That’s right, those platforms we all hate but check several times a day. Every one of your potential followers and customers has at least one social media account. Start with the biggest one, Facebook. Almost everyone has a Facebook account and FB makes it easy. There are groups there that cover just about any topic in the world.

Post quality information to your timeline about your selected niche. If, for example, your niche is fitness, write a post about the best exercises to achieve a specific desired result. Join groups about fitness, make sure you follow the rules for the group and don’t spam them, and participate. By participating I mean to like the posts from other members, answer the questions that they ask. This will show people that you have knowledge about the subject and are willing to help.

The third step is to build an email list.

People that join your list are giving you permission to send them emails about that information. To build an email list you will need a high quality product to give away for free in exchange for their name and email but, the lead magnet is not that difficult to create and there are many things that can be used. Your lead magnet should address one specific thing and be clear on how to achieve the desired result. Many are successful at building email lists with nothing more than a simple checklist. A one page list of steps to take to do something. Pre-load a series of emails to go out at specific times after your leads join your list into your autoresponder that are designed to get your subscribers to get to know like and trust you.

With your email list, you can send emails with your affiliate link to any product you are promoting. Having said that, I should tell you that just because you have a list and email them, it doesn’t guarantee you will make sales. You need to learn that first, you shouldn’t promote every product in your niche just because you can get a link to do so. Some are very high quality and some just don’t cut it. What I mean is that some products don’t live up to the hype of the sales page. You must be selective and build a reputation for only promoting quality products.

You also need to learn the art of email marketing.

You see, everything is an art. Just like writing a compelling sales page that makes people want to buy is an art, so is email marketing. Some people build lists and email constantly and none of their emails get opened, some they are opened but nobody clicks the link to see the sales page and others their list will click through but not buy.

There are several reasons for this but it all comes down to understanding and knowing email marketing.

So, how did I make money while I slept last night?

I have been told by other marketers that I have a good reputation for not promoting garbage in the internet marketing community. That is only achieved by being selective about what I promote. The other reason is that I am promoting the right product at the time. I am currently promoting a video training course that will teach you how to set up your autoresponder and teach you the art of email marketing. This training was created by a well respected, veteran internet marketer. The best part is that it includes Private Label Rights so, not only can you learn to use email the right way, you can also sell the course as yours to your list.

You do need to act fast though because in a day or two, the price will increase. I bought this course myself because email marketing is the best way to reach your customers.

To see what you get just follow the link and click here.

Step 4 is easy.

Be consistent. Post information consistently and email regularly.

As always, if you found any of the information in my post helpful, or you know someone that you think could benefit from reading it, share this post to your social media.

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    3 replies to "I Made Money In My Sleep"

    • Liz Tomey

      Way to go, David! And… great post! The steps you’ve given here are absolutely spot on!

      • David

        Thank you Liz. I try to be as accurate as possible when creating content.

    • Fred Raley

      Excellent article. I back you up all the way my friend.

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