“Actions speak louder than words.”

I don’t know if people still say this or not. It is an old saying that I heard and used often when growing up. What exactly does it mean? It means that you can tell more about someone by what they do than by what they say. Many people can talk a good game but, they don’t actually walk the walk, they just talk the talk.

Which one are you? In order to build a successful online business you must walk the walk. What I mean by this is that instead of just talking about marketing, you need to market. Don’t buy into the instant riches hype, there is no “Easy Button”, but, with persistence and action, you can become successful.

The first step is to use a little discernment.

For instance, look at what the sales page says and ask yourself, “Can I afford to get this without risking my bills not getting paid?” Then ask yourself, “Do I need this and will I use it?” You see, we all have products we have purchased and never accessed. I am just as guilty as the next on that. As a matter of fact, when I started taking action I went to access products I have bought that were no longer available for me to download. The solution is simple. When you purchase a digital product, you have immediate access to it once the purchase has been processed. Do just that, access the product, download it and start going through it. If it is a training, start following what it tells you to do. Focus on this one thing until you can honestly say it either works or doesn’t. You will find that if you do some research and follow instruction, most products do work.

If you really were to dig, you would find that most of the people that say internet marketing is a scam either put the cart before the horse, that is they are trying to sell before they have everything in place that makes sales possible, or they chase shiny objects that promise instant money and riches. They don’t for the most part, even access the product let alone, look at it.

You need to have focus and concentrate on one thing at a time. You need to lay the foundation for your business and make sure it is solid. You also need to assemble the right audience for your niche. So, what is the foundation? I truly believe, and many successful marketers will back me on this, that having an active and up to date blog as well as an email list are two of the most important parts of your foundation. As for my statement about your audience, an example would be that if all of your audience is looking for ways to lose weight, trying to sell a product on knitting is a total waste of time, effort, and money.

Like I said in another post, join groups revolving around your niche and start participating. Show people that you know something about your niche. Start a niche blog and keep it focused on your niche. Then share every new blog post to social media. Create a YouTube channel and share your new videos to social media. This is called taking action. People will get exposed to you and see what you are doing. This builds a following or audience.

Create, outsource, or purchase something in your niche that gives you the right to give it away for free to build a list. Create a squeeze page then post the link on social media. Write maybe 5-10 emails and load them to your autoresponder. This is your follow up email series and the purpose is to introduce your list to you and gain their trust. Don’t think you can just load up a year’s worth of promotions and you won’t have to write emails anymore. Include a call to action in your emails such as “join my Facebook group” and include a link. Tell them to reply to your email with questions they may have. Ask them in your emails what they specifically want and tell them to reply. Why is this last part important? Because just because they are in the niche, doesn’t mean they have they same needs. When they reply you can then segment or, split up your list so that people get emails addressing what they need and not emails that don’t even come close to their needs.

When you have done all that is necessary to build a solid foundation, you will start to slowly see results. Once the results start coming in, you can then scale it up to take it to the next level. This is business, not a contest where the winner is awarded with instant success. It will take time and effort. Most importantly, it will require action. Let me repeat that, most importantly it will require action. Take action on the products and training that you buy. Do not leave them in cyber space or collecting digital dust on your hard drive.

Here is hoping that 2021 brings you success in gaining ground on your goals and dreams. May you launch your business and make progress or, if you already have one, may you be able to take it to the next level.

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    5 replies to "Actions Speak Louder than Words"

    • Chris Davis

      Abundant sound advice here. Action requires effort. Sure we are all going to take some wrong turns, end up in some cul-de-sacs. But life’s a journey. We meet some people along the way who we choose to keep company with – David being on such for me. At the end of each day, week, month or this year – what will you have advanced, learned or created?

    • Helen

      Very good David, you describe many things that most of us are guilty of at one time or another, maybe do another post on procrastination, another ailment that stops many from getting important stuff done! 😊

    • James

      Internet Marketing seems to me to be a niche that has more good intentions that for many, ultimately lead to failure, than most other niches put together. Why is this? Is it the hyperbole that many IM products are marketed with? Is it the get rich quick schemes that seem to permeate this market? Is it procrastination and not following through on the part of the customer?
      I know that many New Year’s Resolutions get mothballed, never to see the light of day, after only a few days/weeks/months, but it seems to me that many IM products are destined for the same plight. What can we do to change this?

      • David

        There are many reasons people fail in the MMO niche. One being as you mentioned those that buy into the get rich quick promises by unethical marketers. Another reason is that they don’t have a “why”, what I mean is that they are in it for the money and no other reason. You have to have a reason besides money to keep you motivated to continue to take action. It takes time to build a business and it takes even more time to see results.Those without a reason will give up after a period of time because they didn’t see their computer turn into an ATM.

    • Diana Keeler

      I admit that I have purchased WAY more content and courses than I should have. Fortunately for me, I download everything immediately, so I haven’t lost anything. The problem is that I forget what I have, and it just sits on my computer and rots. Just a day ago, I took time away from everything else and went through my computer and organized everything. I am now managing all of the courses and content I have by putting it into Trello.

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