I wrote this report to use as a lead magnet to build another email list. After much consideration, I decided to post it here instead.


Your first step in creating a lead magnet that people will want is research. There are no shortcuts around this. Either you will outsource, and they will do the research, you will research and outsource the product creation, or you will do it all. It still begins with research.


The first thing to research is your niche. If you already have an online business, then you already have your niche nailed down.

Those of you who are just starting out, need to figure out who your target audience will be. This depends on what you want to market. For the sake of this report, we will focus on digital, downloadable products.

I won’t go into detail with this report explaining niche research. The main thing is to decide what the subject matter will be that you desire to sell or promote. Will it be dieting, survival, health and fitness, or even how to make money online?

The main thing to remember is to build your target audience. After you’ve done that, you can then create a product that would be of interest to them. After all, you wouldn’t build an audience of devoted opera fans, then try to sell them tickets to a rock concert, would you?

Type of Product

After you have pinned down your niche, you need to determine what type of product they would be more likely to desire. With digital products, there are many formats you can choose. We will address these one at a time.

Mind Maps

What are mind maps?

Simply put, mind maps are diagrams. In the center is the main idea or theme. Then, branching out from there are the sub ideas. A mind map diagram shows the natural thought process leading from your main idea to various sub ideas or parts.

Check Lists
Check lists are just what they sound like. They are list of items that need to be done for a product. You check the tasks off as they are completed.


Reports are like eBooks, only shorter. A report will address a specific topic and give a quick way to do something, such as 5 Ways to Lose Weight Fast. They are usually delivered in PDF format.


Like reports, eBooks are usually delivered in PDF format. Your eBook will be not only longer than a report, it will also go into greater depth about the subject matter.

Many people don’t like to read eBooks or Reports. You may want to create a series of short videos on the subject. If your
subject is how to do something, such as setting up your website, over-the-shoulder videos are popular using a screen recording software.


Audio files are popular for people to listen to while they are driving or otherwise occupied with other routine tasks. Many people like to use them while they are working out at the gym.

Pain Point-What Your Target Audience Wants to Solve

Now that you have your niche, you are ready to research what subject matter to address. Remember, the purpose of a lead magnet is to get your prospects onto your email list by offering a quick solution to a specific issue, such as the weight loss example I mentioned earlier.

Social Media
The best place to do your research for the pain point, is social media.


How many people use Facebook every day? I don’t know either, but I do know there are a lot of people on there at any given moment in time.
Search for and join Facebook groups that are centered on your niche. When you go into these groups, take note of the questions being asked. Be helpful, comment on posts, and answer questions if you know the answers. Mostly though, you want to find out what the most common problem experienced in that niche is. This is the pain point that you want to address with your lead magnet.
You can also post on your own Facebook timeline. Come right out and ask, “hey guys, what is the biggest problem you encounter when trying to XXXXX?” Check the responses and see which issue gets the most people responding.


Start following people in your niche on Twitter. I have noticed that usually, if you follow someone on Twitter, they will reciprocate and follow you as well. As with Facebook, interact with them and answer questions. You want people to start seeing your name and associate your name with knowledge of your niche. The more people trust that you know what you’re talking about, the more likely they will want your lead magnet.


When doing your research on the subject, do not forget YouTube. You can find videos on YouTube showing how to do just about anything.
Do some searches with keywords for your niche. What are the videos showing? What do they teach? How many videos are there and how many views do they get?
If there are only one or two videos and not very many views, it is wise to think of a different topic. If, however, there are a fair number of videos covering one subject and at least a few of them are getting a good number of views, it would be fair to say you have a winner on your hands.

Yahoo Answers

Wait, what? Yes, depending on your niche, you can get some ideas from Yahoo. Type in yahoo.com/answers into your browser. The column on the left has categories. People type in questions, and people answer them.
Can you find your niche there? What questions are being asked? Are any of them being asked by multiple people?

Affiliate Platforms

Look to see what the top selling products are in your niche. JVZoo, Warrior+, and Click bank are the three most common ones.
Go to the sales page and see what the product does for the customer. Is it focused on one thing or is it a training product covering many aspects? Remember, you want to stay focused on one subject with your lead magnet.


Now we come to the most important part of your lead magnet. Your lead magnet needs to be as good, if not better than the products you create for sale.
You want the people who get your free offer to ask themselves, “If the free stuff is this good, how much better is the stuff for sale?” Make sure your lead magnet is of high quality and provides value.

Be direct with the subject and get to the point as quickly as possible. Your prospects will appreciate that, as the reason they downloaded it was to solve an issue they are having.

Stay focused and on point. Do not wander off onto sub-topics. If you do it right, you can create products on sub-topics to sell them later. Be as concise as you can.


If you don’t take shortcuts and truly put in the work, you will be able to create a lead magnet people will want.
Remember, assemble your audience, then create a product that will interest them.
Research, and stay within a narrow focus for the topic.

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