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Creating This Bundle of Articles Got Me Evicted

Learn How to Research and Create Quality Products in Much Less Time

Hi, I’m David Shoup and I have been involved with Internet Marketing for a very long time. I set up my first e-commerce store around 20 years ago. It didn't do well so I looked at digital marketing. I have always written so I thought it would be easy. Things didn’t go smoothly, and I struggled a lot.

So I bought all kinds of products that promised riches only to find that there was more to it than buying a product. You needed QUALITY products, not the shiny objects. You also needed guidance.

One of the first things I learned about when I started digital marketing, was PLR (private label rights) and that was amazing. I write well anyway but I can actually buy something that the research is already done? I can rewrite it to match my own style and sell it? Sign me up!

I still couldn't make any money so I walked away from marketing. Ten years later, I had to have open heart surgery and was facing 6 months with no income. So I connected on FB with the first one I had ever followed. I started to buy the occasional PLR product, I also fell back into the "SHINY OBJECT SYNDROME" again.. Things had changed so drastically, I studied. I studied hard and learned how things are done now. However, you don't just decide to make money online and your computer spits it out for you instantly, no matter what that sales page says.

I started sharing what I learned on social media and started to build followers and make friends. I joined a couple of coaching programs. However, without action, knowledge is useless. I finally started taking action after being told by many, to get my knowledge out there for sale.

I started to write, I went through some of the PLR I had bought before and deleted the bad ones and kept the good ones. I used the PLR to write eBooks. I still didn't put any up for sale but I did write them. Some by rewriting what was in the product I bought and others, I only used the chapters to keep my thoughts focused. I have 8 and a half books written that I will be launching soon. I first need to add sections on AI after my research for these articles.

So what brought me to this point? What brought me to write these articles? In one word, EVICTION. I was unemployed, and facing eviction. I reached out to one of my mentors and asked her for prayer. When she asked me what was going on, I had to be honest. so I told her that I wasn't asking for help, I was asking for prayer. She said if she was in the same position, she would write 20 articles about AI. that is how this bundle of articles came to be. It took a lot of hours researching and then writing. I didn't get it done in time to stop the eviction, but I got it done. Now you get to reap the reward of my hard work. 

Let's talk about one of the BIGGEST problems I've seen and heard Internet Marketers complain  about, creating a product.

They say they don't have the time, or they don't know where to start.
This bundle of articles solves both of those problems. You will learn HOW to create a product in MUCH LESS TIME.
You will also have a product that is ready for you to modify and sell and include PLR. You know how eager Internet Marketers are to find QUALITY PLR. That's exactly what this bundle is.

Not only does it give you a product to sell, but it is in one of the HOTTEST niches on the market today.

You owe it to YOURSELF to take a couple of minutes and invest in yourself and your business so that you can start creating the life that you want.

Here's what you get.

When you buy this bundle, you get instant access to not 1, not 5, but to 20 expertly created, fully researched articles explaining how AI can be used in different aspects of Internet Marketing in Word and PDF format.

Full RESELLER PLR to high quality "done for you" content that you can modify and sell the PLR to and keep all the profits.

The sales letter in text format that you can edit to fit your own business needs.

When You get this Bundle, You can…

1. Use the articles for blog posts and insert your Affiliate Links.

2. Modify the articles and use them for social media posts to BUILD YOUR AUDIENCE.

3. Combine the articles into your own eBook to launch.

4. Use the articles to build an email list by using them in a newsletter.

5. Set yourself up as an EXPERT in the Internet Marketing Niche.

6. Use the articles to create a lead magnet to build your email list.

20 articles might seem like a lot to cover AI
There are many parts to Internet Marketing. Read on to see what is covered with these articles

Here are the articles you will receive:

* AI Friend or Foe?
Unveiling the Pros and Cons of AI for Marketers 797 words

 * AI Driven Entrepreneurship:
A Strategic Roadmap to Launch Your Online Business 918 words

 * The Power of AI and Blogs:
Setting Yourself Up as the Authority 878 words

 * Build a Targeted Email List with AI 754 words

 * Unleashing the Power of AI in Email Marketing:

Boost Engagement and Conversions 1120 words

* Next-Level Engagement:

Harnessing AI for Social Media Success 868 words

* Using AI in Content Marketing 519 words

 * From Data to Ideas:
Unleashing AI for Marketing Campaign Inspiration 699 words

 * A Guide to Essential AI Tools for Internet Marketing 595 words

 * The Impact of Chatbots on Digital Strategies 763 words

 * Idea Incubator:
How AI Sparks Creativity for Digital Product Development 674 words
* Elevate Your Sales Copy:
The Power of AI in Copywriting 1115 words

 * From Blank Pages to Vivid Descriptions:
How AI Transforms Product Copy 1583 words

 * Traffic Generation in the AI Era: What You Need to Know 1362 words

 * Maximizing ROI:
The Power of AI in Paid Advertising 699 words

 * From PLR to Polished:
Transforming Content with AI Assistance 801 words

 * Smarter Affiliate Marketing:
A Guide to AI-Driven Strategies 766 words

 * The Future of Video Marketing:
Harnessing AI for Maximum Impact 719 words

 * E-Commerce Evolution:
How AI is Shaping the Future of Online Shopping 683 words

 * Beyond Today:
Envisioning AI's Impact on Digital Marketing 1000 words

This bundle of articles not only gives you an advantage over your competitors, but it also gives you a DFY product you can modify and SELL PLR.
AI is on fire right now and it doesn't look like the market is going to cool down on the topic any time soon. Don't follow the crowd by creating a list of prompts. While they can be helpful, you can help your followers more by selling a product that will show them HOW to use AI in all parts of their business.

Naturally, I'm going to tell you how GREAT these articles are. After all, I spent A lot of long hours and hard work researching and writing these articles to make them as good and accurate as possible, but don't take my word for it...

See What Others Are Saying About This Bundle!!!

Liz Tomey

"I just downloaded and read through ALL 20 of these articles. You’ve done an AMAZING job covering many aspects of using AI in our Internet marketing. This is a killer bundle of articles that can be used for a lot of purposes in my business. Blog content, can be “chopped” up for social media content, etc. Plus, I even learned some cool stuff about AI from all of this. Great job, David! This is going to be PERFECT for many profitable projects!"

Randall Hall

"One of the hardest things I have to do is write content. Whether it's for a blog or social media post, nothing is more frustrating than staring at the blank page on my computer. Sure, PLR is AN answer. But only the right PLR. So much out there isn't worth the space it takes up on my hard drive.

But David has produced some amazing content here. TWENTY complete articles on using AI in Internet Marketing. Each one is thoroughly researched, well written, and easy to read. I especially like the one on Unleashing AI in Email Marketing. That last point really has me thinking.

Not only is this great content, but David is also giving Reseller PLR. So, this product can be your product. Talk about a no-brainer. I recommend you buy this package before David comes to his senses and raises the price. A lot."

Helene Palmer

"I just had a chance to go through David's AI Marketing Hacks PLR package, and I was absolutely floored. The sheer potential for someone to take this material and create a ready-to-sell product from it is enormous!

David has packaged so many well-written and researched articles into one bundle. I found the articles so easy to read and follow, because he writes in such a clear and concise manner. If you're looking to learn about AI or write about it, this package definitely packs a punch and will get you started with quality content.

Well done, David! I am a BIG fan!!!

I look forward to your next PLR package."

Chris Lockwood

"David let me take a look at his AI article pack, and my first thought was wow, I could use these articles as they are, without changing a word.

Of course you can edit, expand, or combine the articles however you want to.

Yet it's refreshing to see articles I don't have to extensively rewrite before using. What a concept!

David researched, wrote, and edited these articles himself and his hard work paid off. They're ready to go.

You might want to get them just to read and learn from, because he's shared a lot of insights about a hot, important topic we should all be learning more about."

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As an Internet Marketer, you know how important an email list is. The biggest problem most have in list building is not having a lead magnet that their target audience wants.
This report will teach you how to create a lead magnet your target audience will gladly give their name and email for.

Learn how to Create an Irresistible Lead Magnet, Instantly and Effortlessly!

This report contains 12 pages with 1,285 words of SOLID CONTENT. No fluff or filler. just solid information you can take action on today and start growing your email list.

Like the articles in this bundle, this ORIGINAL report was researched and WRITTEN by me to provide the most concise and easy to follow plan possible.

What you learn from this report will work in any niche.

Real world value is $17.00 yours FREE with the purchase of this bundle.

Stop spinning your wheels and take your marketing to the next level by taking action now!!!

Because of the nature of PLR and Reseller PLR, there are no refunds. All sales are final.

Get Your RESELLER PLR to the AI Marketing Hacks bundle now.

Normal Price $47        Limited time $17

Hi everyone, I'm David Shoup and I am an experienced writer and Internet Marketer. I have written poetry, songs, short stories, articles, and eBooks.
I created this bundle of articles to help you not only learn how AI can help you take your business to the next level but also to provide you with a readymade product to speed up the process.


These articles are about using AI. Did AI create them?
No, AI was used to assist in the research that was then VERIFIED and TESTED by me. These articles are 100% original content written by myself.

Why should I buy this bundle?
If you are serious about building a SUCCESSFUL Internet Marketing business, you need to learn how to HARNESS THE POWER OF AI to take your business to the next level. AI is here to stay, you can learn to use it, or be left behind.

Is there a money-back guarantee?
Yes. You have 30 days Money Back Guarantee. Just send your purchase receipt to my HELP DESK so that I can verify your purchase.

What can I do with these articles?
The sky is the limit. What can you imagine? You can modify them, brand them, claim authorship, or use them for social media or blog content. Combine them and have your own eBook. Sell PLR to them. What you can't do is use my name or in them or when marketing them.

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